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Recondo School

Every year advisors try to offer members of FCRC the ability to attend a 2 week Recondo school to challenge themselves in our most grueling course. The rifleman learn more about themselves and what they believe is possible after successfully completing this course.

Recondo School is the premiere training school offered by FCRC, and was carefully constructed by former Special Operations cadre to offer motivated individuals the opportunity to push themselves further then they thought possible.

TheĀ  course is two weeks long and consists of a one week classroom portion at the Van Nuys National Guard Armory followed by a one week field portion in Big Bear. Due to the extensive time requirements to run the Recondo course, the course is typically held once a year.

This course has the same feeling as many U.S Military Special Operation selection courses and helps those looking to be a member of the SOF community
Paul H.
Air Force TACP

Patches That Only Can Be Earned

Military Explorers Recondo Tab
Military Explorers Recondo Patch